2011, Digital Photographs and text.

Awarded a travel grant through the Ethnic Studies department from San Francisco State University.

In 2011, the Eyes on Arizona Collective, a group of student activists and professors from San Francisco State University, traveled to the U.S. Mexico border to volunteer with the humanitarian organization No More Deaths, provide direct aid in the sweltering desert, and meet with grassroots leaders from the immigrant rights movement in Arizona during the era of SB1070 and Operation Streamline. SB1070 legalized racial profiling of communities of color by expanding the rights of the police to detain and arrest those whom they suspect as undocumented. Operation Streamline further systematized the criminalization of the undocumented community. In this program, 500 people were detained per day on the Arizona border alone and stripped of due process by being tried in court simultaneously with dozens of others while shackled. Those who were not charged with a crime were “voluntarily removed” and sent further south, often to countries and towns that were not their home.

Returning to the Bay Area, the Eyes on Arizona Collective held a series of workshops and film screenings at San Francisco State University for students, faculty, and community members about the ongoing immigrant rights issues in the U.S. The collective later developed a program to send an annual delegation of students of color to the border to support direct aid and grassroots efforts in Arizona.